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-Chuck Pahlaniuk Diary:A Novel

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Licence

As much as right-wingers say they want to keep government out of our lives I have no clue as to why gay marriage isn't legal. Even if you don't agree, just mind your own business. This video sums things up nicely.

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KHM said...

well, my cousin, we all know how I think about this issue. The rights of same sex couples has been very high on my personal give-a-shit list for decades.

This is not complicated:
1. America is a country established by religious pilgrims for the express purpose of keeping the influence of religion (ANY religion) out of government affairs.
2. Ergo, legal privileges of marriages are derived from the constitutional mandate that seperates church from state.

I hated history in school, kids, but I'll tell you now, that phrase "separation of church and state" is more than just a tagline. Its a very succinct phrase that weighs very heavily in the intention of our founding fathers.

3. For our government to grant certain privileges to couples of one kind and not others is discrimination, straight up, end of story, period. Done. There's no other way to slice it.

How hard is this? Religious objections should be contemplated with your religious leaders---who are not supposed to have any influence in development of policy.

The fact that this issue remains in contention reflects a serious misunderstanding of what our government is SUPPOSED to be.

I'll make a deal with everybody: I won't contemplate your sexuality and how about you don't contemplate mine? I think that's a reasonable thing to expect. And once we're able to do that, doesn't all of this concern kind of go away? Isn't so much of the objection driven by ass-clenching white heterosexual males who are freaked out by the nature of homosexual intercourse? Get over it boys...its not about you. Its about making we sure we treat people equally.

What the world needs now, baby, is love. Why is that still so difficult?