Your handwriting. The way you walk. Which china pattern you choose. It's all giving you away. Everything you do shows your hand. Everything is a self-portrait. Everything is a diary.
-Chuck Pahlaniuk Diary:A Novel

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lyman's Best of 2008: TV

I love my DVR!

1. The Wire
No surprise here. It could be argued that this fifth and final season is the weakest of the show's run. But even if that's the case its still head and shoulders above anything put on T.V. I miss this show. Truly one of the greats.

2. The Office
Still a solid show in its fifth season. I loved the storyline with Micheal's girlfriend Holly (Amy Ryan from the The Wire!) and was a little sad when they broke up. Funny stuff.

3. The Daily Show
Fantastic and funny election coverage. Although the show is mostly humor and jokes, there is more political insight then you'll see on any other show.

4. 30 Rock

Liz: We need to get these guys! Don't you know the Postmaster General?

Jack: I do, but we had a falling out over the Jerry Garcia stamp. If I wanted to lick a hippie, I'd return Joan Baez's phone calls.

5. True Blood
I could go on and on about how this guilty pleasure is more like a soap opera than an HBO drama but the story is so engaging it just keeps you on your seat. Instead I'll point out that on Mr. Skin's Top Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2008, True Blood holds the #1 and #3 spots.

6. Weeds
A big point of departure from the rest of the series. The show became much darker this year with the family moving to the Mexican border so Nancy can smuggle drugs in larger quantities. Her affair with a corrupt Tijuana mayor was intriguing.

7. Californication
Many fans of the first season hated the second season but I loved it. There was a storyline involving Hank's manager who gets into producing porno that was a bit too outlandish, but the main story was really great. Looking forward to another season.

8. Big Love
What began as an interesting show about a polygamist family trying to cut ties with its former cult while living mainstream lives turned in to a dramatic and gripping weave of storylines. But speaking of outlandish, I fear the next season might turn in to a Mormon Melrose Place.

9. Chowder
Funny kid's cartoon. Milo loves it. Much better than Spongebob.

10. Kath and Kim
Still kind of on the fence about this one. Funny, but not a must-watch the day after it airs.

You can tell us your favorite T.V. show of the year at Top Five.

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